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Farmers Market Manager Training Manual (New York)

Boards, Mission, and Governance | Farm Inspection and Enforcement | Food Safety and Handling | Funding and Grants | Insurance, Liability, and Licensing | Management and Operations | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events | Rules and Vendor Applications | SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs | Vendor Fees and Market Finances

This 216 page manual from the Farmers’ Market Federation of New York describes the role of market managers and provides checklists, sample policies, worksheets, and other hands-on tools to help managers start markets, build market communities, and harness the power of these communities to sustain the markets and their local food systems.


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What do the New Food Safety Rules Mean for You?

Food Safety and Handling

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How do the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules affect farmers markets and direct marketing farmers? How can consumers, farmers, and others take action? As they currently stand, the proposed standards undermine sustainable and organic production practices, subject many farms to regulations designed for industrial facilities, and may well prove too costly for farmers to implement and stay in business. Exemptions available for certain farmers and facilities, and the risks of losing exempt status, are addressed.

Sarah Hackney, Grassroots Director of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Jen O’Brien, Executive Director, Farmers Market Coalition


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Producer Liability: Understanding & Communicating Vendors’ Risks and Insurance Needs

Food Safety and Handling | Insurance, Liability, and Licensing

The second webinar in a series of four about insurance and farmers markets, focusing on insurance issues that apply specifically to producers, with recommendations about how manager can communicate these needs to their vendors.

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