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Baltimore City Permit Guide for New or Existing Farmers Markets

Management and Operations

This guide is intended to assist Farmers Market Managers, both new and existing in obtaining the proper zoning and health permits.

Published January 04, 2019 Download Resource State & Local Policy

Philadelphia Farmers Market Guide

Management and Operations

The City of Philadelphia’s guide to city services and requirements of farmers market operators.

Published January 04, 2019 Publisher Website Download Resource State & Local Policy

Understanding Anchor Vendors

Management and Operations

Darlene Wolnik’s 2018 ppt for PA Farm Link’s Lunch & Learn’s series

Published September 26, 2018 Publisher Website Presentation

Creating a Farmers Market Living Lab: Lessons Learned in Growing a Farmers Market

Evaluation | Farm Business and Marketing | Management and Operations | Market Start-up and Development | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events | SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

This booklet is the result of asking the question, “What can we do to increase sales and attendance at our market?”, reports the results from using our market as a “living lab” to systematically test ideas to answer this question.

Published April 09, 2018 Publisher Website Download Resource Publication

Market Matchmaker from the Ontario Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network

Management and Operations

Sign Up for Free to join our growing community of Farmers’ Markets and Vendors in Ontario. Once you complete a profile, others will be able to see what you’re offering or looking for. Registering also gives you access to:

Full View of other Members’ Profiles
Better Searching, Filtering, and Matching Tools
Instantly Exchange Messages with other Members
Ability to Favourite other members
Monitor when others view or Favourite your Profile
Newsletter Updates
Not searching for matches right now? Your profile can still be featured on our site!

Published March 06, 2018 Download Resource Online Database

Farmers Market Legal Toolkit

Management and Operations

This Toolkit was developed to support farmers markets throughout the U.S. with open-source legal tools to inform market managers as they make decisions to build and grow their markets. The specific topics covered in the Toolkit were selected in response to recurring questions from farmers market managers–about how business structure would affect their organizations, what types of legal risks exist and how to manage them, and how to make their products available and accessible for all community members.

Published January 16, 2018 Publisher Website Report

Oklahoma Grown Farmers Market Requirements

Management and Operations

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry has established criteria that Farmers Markets must meet before being recognized as an Oklahoma Grown Market or a Registered Farmers Market. A market can choose not to participate in this program, however only participating markets will be eligible for assistance or promotional materials that are made available by ODAFF.

Published January 04, 2018 Publisher Website Download Resource Market Policy

CSA Solutions Hub

Farm Business and Marketing | Management and Operations

The Hub collects information from CSA farmers, Small Farm Central staff, and others working with CSAs to bring you knowledge to help you move your CSA program forward including:
Resources to assist you in marketing your CSA, like “47 Tips and Tricks for CSA Farm Marketing”.
Articles dealing with problem members
Philosophical discussions about what constitutes a CSA

Published August 21, 2017 Online Database

Product management and invoicing software platform for Farmers Markets

Management and Operations

Product management and invoicing software for Farmers Markets

Published August 03, 2017 Publisher Website Download Resource Presentation

Chapter 24 and You: A Practical Guide to Selling Safely at Farmers Markets

Farm Business and Marketing | Food Safety and Handling | Management and Operations

A booklet outlining food safety at farmers markets prepared by N.J. Department of Agriculture and N.J. Department of Health

Published July 12, 2017 Publisher Website Download Resource State & Local Policy