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Market Forces: Creating Jobs through Public Investment in Local and Regional Food Systems

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The Union of Concerned Scientists report on recent research on local food systems, their key features, and their economic and social benefits. The report addresses challenges to be met by developing food systems and offers suggestions on policy change to expand local endeavors. According to the report, “modest public support for up to 500 farmers markets each year could create as many as 13,500 jobs over a five-year period.”

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Maryland Farmers Market Signage Program

Public Policies
Guidelines developed by the the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Office of Traffic & Safety regarding the application, fabrication, installation and maintenance of Farmers Market highway signs.  All farmers markets recognized and listed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture are eligible for these standardized Farmers’ Market highway signs.
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West Virginia Farmers Market Food Safety Vendor Guide

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This pamphlet offers guidance for producers and market managers to determine what food items may be sold and the conditions that must be met at the point of sale. This resource is specific to West Virginia regulations, but can offer guidance for other states to develop similar guides.

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Market Umbrella’s marketshare is a program that works to build and share tools and resources with public markets worldwide, including the best of “lessons learned” from market practitioners.

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Seasonal Farmers Market Producer Sampling License (Maryland SB 199)

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In October of 2010, in an effort to streamline the licensing and permit process for sampling products at Maryland farmers’ markets, SB 199 went into effect. This new regulation means that each county may establish one license, for one fee, for a certain duration of time (such as the market season) that a producer may obtain, valid for sampling the products they have produced.

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How Do Farmers’ Markets Affect Neighboring Businesses?

Evaluation | Public Policies

A research brief by Oregon State University Extension with data for both weekday and weekend markets in Oregon showing the spillover sales generated by farmers market shoppers who also make purchases at other neighboring businesses.

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Real Food, Real Choice: Connecting SNAP Recipients with Farmers Markets

Evaluation | Public Policies | SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

This report includes qualitative and quantitative research into state-by-state trends in SNAP redemption at farmers markets as well as national challenges, success stories, and recommendations for policy and programmatic change.

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Healthy Foundations for Farmers Markets: Recommendations for Cities and Counties

Public Policies

This paper provides an overview of the benefits farmers markets bring to communities and offers recommendations for ways local governments can support and strengthen farmers markets.

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Portland Farmers Markets Grow a Healthy Community and Economy: An In-depth Analysis

Evaluation | Public Policies

The report is an in-depth study of current market conditions, including supply and demand. It examines characteristics of successful markets, identifies underserved areas, analyzes the markets’ economic impact, and offers recommendations for an expanded City role in fostering market growth. All Portland market managers, more than 50 local farmers, and peer communities were consulted.The report includes Economic Impact, Expansion Prospects, Five Market Profiles,Market Demand Potential, Market Influence Map, Market Locations Map, Market Manager Interview Summary, Peer Communities, Direct Market Economic Analysis, Potential Public Role, Producer Interviews, and a Site Evaluation Tool.

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