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Alabama Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program Application

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program Application for Alabama

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Tips for Shopping on a Budget at the Farmers Market—New Mexico

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

This guide offers tips and advice to New Mexico families who want to get the most out of their food budget at the farmers market.

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Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grant Program (FINI) 2015 Program Results

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

The Agricultural Act of 2014 created a new competitive grant program to test the idea that providing incentives to SNAP program participants to buy fruits and vegetables could increase the consumption of produce and improve dietary health. e rst Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive grants were made in the Spring 2015, and this report summarizes the results of the medium and large size projects at both farmers markets and grocery stores.

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Prescription for Health Programs in Michigan

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

This report provides an overview of the Prescription for Health style programs currently or previously operating in Michigan. Prescription for Health style programs support healthy behavior change for individuals and families through partnerships with healthcare and other providers who focus on supporting healthy eating (farmers and farmers markets) and/or community partners who provide opportunities for increased physical activity. Programs are commonly aimed at improving health outcomes for low-income patients with diet-related diseases. Not all Michigan programs are referred to as Prescription for Health, as you will see by the different program names throughout this publication. The survey included questions about program longevity, motivation for starting and maintaining the program, funding, partnerships, process, promotion, and evaluation.

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Implementing Nutrition Education Activities in Farmers Markets

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

This toolkit is intended to provide inspiration and guidance for Nutrition Educators interested in integrating a focus on locally grown food and farmers markets into the approved SNAP-Ed curricula. The lessons and resources provided have been successfully implemented by Nutrition Educators in the field. We encourage you to take advantage of the toolkit as a resource for establishing or building on relationships with local farmers markets, and as a means of introducing class participants to the idea of shopping for foods that are grown or produced locally.


Access the Toolkit here:

Nutrition Education at Farmers Markets

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Shopping Patterns of SNAP Participants that are current FM Customers, Focus Group Discussion Guide

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

The Food Trust conducts focus groups with SNAP participants to understand their perceptions of farmers’ markets and how we can improve our reach and impact. The groups explore SNAP customers’ shopping behaviors, perceived barriers and marketing strategies to better serve the SNAP population.

Access the Focus Group Discussion Guide Here

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Success with SNAP: Equipment and Outreach Essentials for SNAP Programs

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs


More than 6,000 farmers markets and farmers across the country now accept SNAP. When farmers markets accept SNAP, it helps increase revenue for small and beginning farmers, while making it possible for low-income families to access healthy, affordable food: the ultimate win-win.

In this webinar, we discuss equipment and outreach essentials for SNAP Programs at your farmers market. We shared information on how FMC’s Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program can help you accept (or continue to accept) SNAP benefits at your market, and highlight successful outreach initiatives to attract and retain SNAP customers.


FMC Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program Information

FMC Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program Application

Webinar Presentation (pdf)

Resources Referenced in the Webinar:
Farmers Markets and Focus Group Outreach
Boulder County Farmers Market Focus Group Results (Boulder, CO)
Boulder County Farmers Markets SNAP Focus Group Guide / Questions
The Food Trust Focus Group Discussion Guide
SNAP at the market: Focus Group Findings Rochester, NY


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Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit

Boards, Mission, and Governance | Insurance, Liability, and Licensing | Market Start-up and Development | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events | Rules and Vendor Applications | SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs | Vendor Fees and Market Finances

The Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit provides timely information, tips, and templates to help market managers navigate the increasing demands they face. We hope to cut your learning curve, share best practices, and adapt the excellent existing resources to your market.
Each chapter includes downloadable tools in Word or Excel that you can tailor to your market needs. The Toolkit is designed to be added to and updated in real time. Please send us your recommendations and suggested improvements. The Toolkit is available both online and as a binder from the WSFMA thanks to support from the USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program.

This Toolkit is dedicated to Washington State’s indefatigable farmers market staff, boards, volunteers, sponsors, and farmers and other vendors who are working hard to support local farms, grow good food for families, and make our communities brighter.

View the Toolkit Here:

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Food From Farms

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

Food From Farms provides guidance to Farmers Markets, primarily focusing the tracking and accounting for Farm Direct Alternative Currencies. They also provide resources for Farmers Markets and Coalitions who need a 501(c)(3) umbrella for their matching and other incentive programs.

Food From Farms


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The “A to Z” of EBT, Credit, Debit Cards in Washington State

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

The process of setting up your market to accept EBT, credit and/or debit cards can be technical, confusing, and subject to change. This section outlines key considerations, explains current options, and shares creative ideas developed by Washington farmers markets. It’s not a linear step-by-step process; you may be working on various steps at the same time.

This resource is a part of the Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit.

The “A to Z” of EBT, Credit, Debit Cards in Washington State (pdf)

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