USDA Improves FMLFPP Thanks to FMC Recommendations

      Posted On: March 12, 2024

USDA-AMS recently released the Request for Proposals under the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Programs, also referred to as FMPP and LFPP under the Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP). This year, they have implemented changes to the program which come as a result of FMC recommendations to make the program more effective in meeting the needs of farmers market operators. 

New Turn-Key Category

In 2023, USDA crafted a new category within the FMPP grant program known as the turnkey project type. This project type was designed to ease the application process for organizations applying for smaller dollar grants to conduct marketing and promotional activities.  This year, USDA once again offers that category and is also expanding the turnkey category to add training and recruitment projects.

Special Purpose Equipment

AMS also updated their grant terms and agreements for LAMP grants to reflect changes to allow use of funds for special purpose equipment. This update will allow for the purchase of essential equipment to local food operations, such as sorting equipment, packing and labeling equipment, food processing equipment, refrigerated vans, etc.

Additionally, Seed Change Strategies is providing technical assistance to organizations to help them design, write, and win grants from the USDA Local Food Promotion Program, Farmers Market Promotion Program, and Regional Food Systems Partnership program.

To learn more and apply for a Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program grant, visit: