WIC FMNP Advocacy Update: Summer 2022

By: Ben Feldman       Posted On: May 23, 2022

East Atlanta Village Farmers Market by Jenna Shea Photojournalism

Part of the job of Congress is to pass a budget and appropriate funds to carry out the work of the government. While the fiscal year begins October 1, the annual appropriations cycle is a lengthy one.

As part of the process, members of Congress use what are known as “Dear Colleague Letters” to demonstrate support for issues that are of importance to them. Since 2016, FMC has helped develop these letters to demonstrate the broad support for the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program and advocated for increased funding for the program to allow more states to participate.  Below you can find the Senate letter in support of increased funding for the Program. A huge thanks to Senator Gillibrand for leading the letter.

Read the Dear Colleague Letter: