Your Online Shopping Can Support FMC (for Free!)

By: Liz Comiskey       Posted On: November 26, 2013

‘Tis the season for ordering holiday greeting cards, choosing heartfelt gifts for loved ones, and visiting family. Or maybe you spend the winter months hibernating from all the holiday hoopla and shopping online for new pop-up tents and other market supplies to make your spring season better than ever.  Most of us can’t make ALL our purchases (like plane tickets, for example) from local independent shops, but there’s good news. When you buy just about anything online, your dollars can go farther, giving back to FMC without costing you a penny!

Give Back America is a cool, newly updated online tool that allows you to shop online and have a percentage of your purchase donated back to their favorite charity.  Whether you want to book a flight to visit Uncle Larry, rent a car, buy some new toys for Uncle Larry’s dog so he won’t bite your ankles when you visit, replace your old laptop, create custom holiday photo cards, or just buy yourself a new pair of shoes after scurrying around farmers markets all year long, a part of your purchase can be donated back to the Farmers Market Coalition.  How? All you have to do is start your online shopping trip from the Give Back America web site, where you then click on your chosen retailer’s web site.  Trust us– it’s EASY and it WORKS!


How do I get started?

Step 1) Go to the web site using this link (FMC will populate as your chosen charity when you use that link, so you can bookmark it for future use)
Step 2) Search for the store you want to use.  You can ‘favorite’ your preferred stores to make it easier the next time you shop.
Step 3) Click the link to your chosen store and start shopping!  As long as you make your purchase after using that link, a percentage (ranging from 1 to 4%) of your purchase will be donated by that retailer back to FMC.

Does it really work?

YES! There are no gimmicks or annoying pop-ups from Give Back America. FMC staff have been using it for more than two years for our own occasional online purchases, and FMC has received $214 in donations to date.  But we think, with your help, we can multiply that number by 10 in the next two months.  And it won’t cost you anything!

What kind of online stores participate in Give Back America?

There are literally hundreds of companies participating in Give Back America, with more added all the time., Vistaprint, Orbitz, Amazon, Shutterfly, PetSmart, GoDaddy, Expedia, Cheaptickets, even PlanetShoes and The Cook’s Garden— these are just a handful of your options! And if you’ve already selected FMC as your chosen charity, the links in this paragraph should automatically populate to the right page on Give Back America… where you are only a click away from shopping AND giving FMC a donation at the same time!

Before you shop anywhere online, please visit  Won’t it feel good to help grow FMC, even when you’re buying yourself a treat?

Thank you in advance for helping FMC reach its $2,140 Give Back America goal before January 1st.

Have a spectacular Thanksgiving!