4-Directions Development, Inc. awarded 2018 FMPP

      Posted On: September 26, 2018

Congratulations to Minnesota’s 4-Directions Development, Inc., a 2018 USDA FMPP grant recipient!

Recipient: 4-Directions Development, Inc., Red Lake, MN
Project Type: Capacity Building

Gitigaanike – Local foods, local access for a healthy Red Lake Nation.
The Red Lake Indian Reservation is located Northwest Minnesota adjacent to the fertile fields of the Red River Valley of the North. The Reservation is a food desert with 27 percent unemployment and a 39.5 percent multi-generational poverty rate. Diet-related disease is diagnosed in epidemic proportion; 50 percent of the adult population diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity unconscionable. To increase access to locally-grown, nutritious foods, stimulate a local food economy and decrease diet related health issues, 4-Directions Development will recruit, train and support three new local producers annually to be vendors at the Gitigaanike Food Stand(s) to be located in three remote reservation communities, and expand marketing efforts to increase domestic consumption of locally produced and nutritious foods.

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