Advocacy Toolkit

As USDA impliments the 2018 Farm Bill and Congress begins to eye the 2023 Farm Bill, it is vital that we continue to remind them of the importance of farmers markets and local agriculture in our communities.

Having the tools and confidence to communicate what your market does and what your policy priorities are to decision-makers is as important as ever. FMC’s Advocacy Toolkit provides guidance in communicating to local, state and federal legislators the importance of farmers markets.

Video Series: Meeting with Elected Officials About Farmers Markets

In this five part series, Gary Matteson of The Farm Credit Council and FMC Board Member explains why advocacy is important for farmers markets, and breaks down the steps towards building strong, lasting relationships with elected officials.

Communicating with Elected Officials Playlist

Part 1: Plan Ahead for Your Meeting (6:52)

Part 2: Convey a Clear Message (4:27)

Part 3: Build a Lasting Relationship (10:09)

Part 4: Prepare for Tough Questions (3:12)

Part 5: Be a Confident & Passionate Leader (5:59)

FMC Advocacy Resources and Actions

FMC is an active member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, through which it continues to advocate for farmers market-friendly food safety regulations, EBT assistance, and direct agricultural marketing programs. If you would like to invite your elected officials to tour your market and learn about its work, schedule a strategy session with a member of FMC’s policy team.

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