Be FMC’s Next Guest Instagrammer!

      Posted On: September 16, 2015

Guest Instagram

Instagram is a unique social media platform that uses visual content to connect your story with a broad and diverse audience. As your follower base grows, so does your ability to share and promote your market with more and more people, prompting the potential to showcase your message on a global scale. In other words, pictures are powerful! If your market doesn’t have an Instagram account, jump on the bandwagon and set one up today!

We are currently seeking markets to contribute to FMC’s Instagram account through the fall/winter months. What better way to drive attention to your market during the chilly season than to serve as our next Guest Instagrammer? From the large and metropolitan to the small and rural, we’ll choose farmers markets from all corners of the country to take over our Instagram account, with the goal of both informing and inspiring our followers, and promoting your market on a national level!

How can your market participate?

  1. Email Honesta Romberger at to specify your interest or for more information. Please put “Guest Instagram – [your market’s name]” in the subject line.
  2. Commit to two weeks as an FMC Guest Instagrammer.
  3. Post beautiful, creative and informative photos depicting what makes your market special! These can be photos of vendors, staff, events or even what goes on behind the scenes, such as set-up, tear-down and planning. It takes hard work to make a market tick – show us what makes the gears of your market turn!
  4. Participate in a short interview about your market. To even further promote our Guest Instagrammers, FMC will also feature a profile of each selected market on our website!

Are you an Instagram novice? Not to worry. We’ll provide you with guidelines and tips to help make the most of your Guest Instagram experience!