Cosmos Organic Farm

      Posted On: March 28, 2017

John Davis of Cosmos Organic Farm in Carrollton, Georgia finds fulfillment and community engagement through his passion for farming. He started the farm in 2011 after leaving the corporate world to pursue a Masters in Theology in conjunction with a sustainable agriculture focus. John enjoys farming’s physical as well as business-side demands. For John, the time harvested in both plant and people is vital to his business.

“I love the connection that we have with these customers; that we see each other face to face and really know and appreciate each other is a great feeling.  It’s what makes farming so rewarding in the face of what is otherwise almost continuous struggle.”

Cosmos currently sells produce at 5 different markets in and around Atlanta, 3 of the Community Farmers Markets and 2 in Peachtree, which provide the lion’s share of the farm’s revenue.

“I started the business by selling at farmers markets and began developing relationships over the years with customers that would come every week to purchase their groceries. The regular customers that we have and their appearance at our markets on a regular basis are integral to the success or failure of the farm.”

The good relations and mutual appreciation stem further than the deepest roots planted at Cosmos. At farmers markets, farmers are able to exchange their wholesome, fresh food for local support and a place in the community. Support the farmers like John that show up every market day.