Deb Bentzel

      Posted On: March 20, 2018

Deb Bentzel serves as The Food Trust’s Associate Director for Community Food Systems, and leads the agency’s regional food systems initiatives, including farm to institution and farmers market programming. She provides training and technical assistance to schools and childcare centers, suppliers and farmers, and other groups interested in implementing local foods initiatives intended to address equitable access to nutritious foods and food education. Deb earned her Master of Public Health degree in 2003 from Boston University and prior to joining The Food Trust, managed research projects and community programs at Fair Food Philly, Harvard University, and the Veterans Administration.

What do you love about farmers markets?

“Personally, I love the changing textures and colors and smells of the seasons; on those hot days when you can smell the peaches– that’s such good stuff. I’m a baker, so there’s nothing like planning out a good sweet or savory pie filling based on what’s available week to week, month to month. Professionally, what I love about farmers markets are how connected the farmers and vendors, customers and market managers become throughout the season. No matter the neighborhood, size and scope of the market, or the weather, good food just brings people together.”

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