New Farmers Market Manager Training Manual from FMFNY

      Posted On: January 26, 2010

With funding from a three-year SARE Professional Development grant, the Farmers’ Market Federation of New York used market experiences and research to develop an innovative new “Farmers Market Manager Training Manual.”

The manual describes the role of market managers and provides checklists, sample policies, worksheets, and other hands-on tools to help managers start markets, build market communities, and harness the power of these communities to sustain the markets and their local food systems.

Noting that the manual is especially welcome in a time where many new markets are sprouting up without adequate support systems, FMFNY Executive Director Diane Eggert is grateful to “all those who helped to develop the manual, whether by participating in our training conferences as speakers or attendees, or as writers, editors or supporters of the project.”

Although the manual has some New York-centric resources, it is largely relevant to market managers, management teams, and extension educators everywhere. The manual can be downloaded here, and a CD of the manual can be obtained by emailing the federation at   A link to the manual can also be found in the FMC Resource Library.