Take Advantage of 4 FMLFPP webinars in May

      Posted On: May 9, 2019

This series of four webinar should aid applicants with their FMLFPP a great deal! The webinars will cover the vital details of registering on grants.gov, the basics of what to include in a FMLFPP proposal, and some added input from past grantees and reviewers, as well as possible resources and tools available.

-May 21 and May 22: USDA AMS is hosting two webinars for FMPP applicants. Click the links to view more information and to register:

-May 22: The Agricultural Marketing Service Resource Portal and Support Network is also holding a webinar at 1 pm ET.

Register here: https://psu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uEuLDCjQQ4alfEnvZX9xWA

Learn from a Delaware Farmers’ Market’s experience collecting concrete evidence and testing ideas about what really works to increase sales at a farmers market. This webinar will cover the methodology used to identify a study question, select a test approach and report results, as well as how to ensure maximum impacts from sharing your results.

-May 29th  (at 2 ET/10AT , there will be a 75-minute webinar  presented by the Wallace Center, the Agricultural Marketing Service Technical Assistance (AMSTA) program at the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development,  Farmers Market Coalition, and USDA AMS,  titled “The Insider’s Scoop” webinar, an opportunity for you to:

– Get quick updates from the USDA on the 2019 LFPP/FMPP grants (please note the May 21, 22 webinars hosted by AMS which will offer much more detail on the actual proposal components.)
– Glean information about how to best present your proposal from past LFPP/FMPP reviewers,
– Tap into available resources as you develop your plan.

 With ample time for Q&A, we’ll build off of last year’s “Crafting LFPP/FMPP Grant Proposals” webinar (a highly recommended pre-watch) to offer you a unique opportunity to hear directly from previous LFPP/FMPP reviewers and ask any burning questions prior to submitting your application.


2019 announcement of FMLFPP RFP:

USDA Announces Farmers Market & Local Food Promotion Program Application Period Now Open