InTents 2021: FMC’s Intentional Presentations

      Posted On: April 27, 2021

Farmers Market Coalition is always excited to connect with fellow farmers market enthusiasts. Recently, FMC had the opportunity to partner with Farmers Market Pros and present at InTents: the Farmers Market Conference 2021, connecting with market operators, managers, advocates, and vendors from across the country and abroad. As partners, FMC shared our expertise and resources in the areas of nutrition incentive programs, legal resources, public policy, and farmers market advocacy. 

Couldn’t make it to the conference? No worries! Here’s a recap of what we presented and links to the recordings!

What is the Nutrition Incentive Hub?
Presented by: Ben Feldman and Erica Raml (Fair Food Network)

Enjoy this introduction to the Nutrition Incentive Hub, the role it plays in farmers market settings, and how nutrition incentive programs support markets.

Building Capacity for Nutrition Incentive Programs
Presented By: Rachael Ward, Jenna Fahle (Ecology Center)

What does it take to run a nutrition incentive program at YOUR market? Jenna and Rachael give you the information you need to prepare your market and build capacity to make a community impact. 

Telling Your Story During National Farmers Market Week
Presented by:  Hannah Fuller

National Farmers Market Week is an annual celebration of markets nationwide. Hannah shares how you can prepare for the August celebration and use FMC resources to build excitement and share your story.

Gearing Up for the 2023 Farm Bill
Presented by: Ben Feldman, Ugo Ikoro (National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition)

The current farm bill is set to expire in 2023 and it is time to begin planning what comes next. Get a quick recap of what the farm bill is, an update on the current policy landscape, review successes of the 2018 farm bill and engage in brainstorming ideas to achieve a successful 2023 farm bill.

Gearing Up for the 2023 Farm Bill
Presented by: Darlene Wolnick, Sophia Kruszewski
(CAFS at Vermont Law School)

The Farmers Market Legal Toolkit is designed to aid market managers in planning mitigation strategies and understanding their liability. New content includes a free speech checklist and using ADA rules for making reasonable accommodations for those unable to wear a mask. Join a walk through the toolkit and resources including how to use the toolkit to approach local legal assistance.