Leveraging Data for Success

By: Ethel Recinos       Posted On: July 10, 2020

Do you dread logging data into clunky spreadsheets? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by how much information you have and need inspiration on how to use it? Data can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

FMC’s webinar on July 14th- Strength in Numbers: Leveraging Data and Technology for Nutrition Incentive Programs will show you how you can use low-cost softwares to properly collect and manage data. Join Alysa Moore, Wholesome Wave Georgia’s (WWG) Fresh For Less program manager, will also talk about how to use strategic data collection to avoid “over-collecting”. 

Alysa has witnessed how data can be used as a powerful tool for farmers markets and farm direct sites operating nutrition incentive programs. WWG is a leader in implementing nutrition incentive programs. The Georgia Fresh for Less incentive program began with 3 markets in 2009 and now works with 68 markets across Georgia. With growth like that, proper data collection and management is essential. 

When their programs were smaller it worked to track and analyze data using spreadsheets. However, as programs grew, trying to maintain accurate data became more time consuming and difficult. In 2016 WWG started using Salesforce to manage donor data. This free platform opened up their eyes to a whole new way of managing data and the days of investing hours transposing data from 60 spreadsheets into one are now just (not so sweet) memories.

Alysa is a self-proclaimed data enthusiast and matches WWG’s commitment to collecting, analyzing, and reporting robust data on all of their programs. She’s excited to share tips, tricks, advice, and demonstrate how simple and impactful data can be. 

Register before July 14th for FMC’s webinar with WWG to learn how your organization can use data to further your organization’s mission. Alysa will guide you through how to collect data strategically, incorporate tools and softwares into your data management process, and impress funders and program partners with your results.

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