Markets: Location, location, location

      Posted On: April 4, 2018

Requests for technical assistance tend to come in here at FMC in clusters, and we have noticed one grouping has been on market locations. From choosing a new site, negotiating an agreement with a host, adding infrastructure to designing the right layout for an expanding market, the questions have become ever more complex as markets center their work around multi-stakeholder initiatives with many moving parts and needs.

Look for upcoming FMC webinars and case studies on location issues, with markets sharing their experiences on a host of situations and new resources listed on the Resource Library. Contact with suggestions or to volunteer your market’s experience as part of those webinars.

One resource that markets should definitely take advantage is the AMS’ Wholesale Market Design Architectural Services. The architect, Ron Batcher can help with design and plan evaluation for the construction, remodeling of wholesale markets, farmers markets, public markets or food hubs. There is a very simple form to complete to turn in to his office; he organizes the requests by when they arrive in his inbox and the level of assistance needed, so a quick sketch or evaluation may be handled quickly, depending on his team’s workload! Having a site plan or a street plan is very helpful to share with them, as Google maps are not always accurate for them to work from.