Meet Karen Voss of Voss Pecans

      Posted On: May 9, 2017

Karen Voss of Voss Pecans can be found at Illinois Urbana at the Market selling her whole shell, half cracked, and ready to use pecans. Four generations of family help oversee their 140+ acres of pecan trees. Being Illinois’ largest pecan growers, Voss Pecans sell all over the state, and there are plenty of nuts to go around. Karen recognizes the special significance farmers markets have for their pecan sales.

“Farmers markets give us an outlet to sell to individual customers who buy small amounts of pecans who couldn’t drive the distance to come out to our farm.”

The Voss family works hard- open 6 days a week in winter months and also grain farmers, growing beans and corn. For Karen, there is a joy in meeting and getting to know market customers.

“The customers love to know where their food is coming from. There used to be a family of 4 generations of ladies who came by together every Saturday.”

Whether it’s a family affair or a solo market trip, farmers markets have something for everyone, and farmers share their bounty. Take a turn around your local market and participate in community.