Now’s the Time to Act!

      Posted On: November 7, 2013

IHeart_FM_noborderWe know you love your farmers market and your local farmers—now’s the time to show it! Despite the fact that many farmers markets are winding down for the year, November has turned into an extremely important month for local farms and food. The Senate and House have moved their respective farm bills into conference, with the goal of reconciling the major differences between the two bills.  FMC has submitted a letter to the conference committee members stating our priorities for a farm bill that supports local food systems and sustainable agriculture. If you’re in a state represented by a conference committee member, let me know! (Click here to see a list of conferees.)Your legislators need to hear the concerns of the farmers market community in their states.

Another important November milestone is the deadline to submit comments on the FDA’s proposed food safety rules. If you haven’t already voiced your concern over the misguided rules that will implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), you have until November 15th to do so! Tell your vendors, farmers, customers and friends! The FSMA rules will drastically change the landscape for farmers markets and family farmers if we don’t make our voices heard. Learn more about the implications of the proposed rules, and find comment templates and consumer petitions in FMC’s latest article on the issue.

It’s been a long year of FSMA and farm bill research, analysis and communication—and now it’s time to engage! At FMC, we’re so grateful to have enthusiastic members who are passionate about their local food systems.  FMC is here to leverage the successes of individual markets into a more sustainable, more accessible, more delicious food system. Your willingness to get informed on important issues, participate in calls to action, and communicate the successes and needs of your communities is what allows us to collectively move the food system forward. Thank you for all you do as managers, volunteers, producers, vendors, consumers, and active participants in the farmers market movement!

Have an excellent and action-filled November,
Jen O’Brien