Robbi Mixon

I grew up in Macon, Georgia and I currently reside on Dena’ina and Sugpiaq lands, in Homer, Alaska. I’ve just “retired” from directing our local farmers’ market for the last decade. I’m the executive director of the Alaska Food Policy Council and the Alaska Farmers Market Association.

I am also the Local Foods Director for a regional non-profit, Cook Inletkeeper, where I started the state’s first food hub, now beginning its seventh season of operation and am working with a farmer working group on Alaskanizing “Salmon-Safe” agricultural practices. I raise chickens, ducks, and the occasional pig with my chef partner, at our micro-farm, Monkey Hollow.

I hold a BA in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Georgia and a MS in Sustainable Food Systems from Prescott College. My 2021 masters thesis, “A Market Management-Centered Approach to Building Farmers Markets in Alaska,” explored the current status of Alaska’s farmers markets and examined place-based, diverse needs, while looking at resources around the nation.

I envision a food system that is operated sustainability and accessible to all.