Discover You Can: Learn Make Share

Discover You Can is not currently running, and FMC is currently seeking funding for similar programs.

Jarden Home Brands, the makers of Ball® Brand Fresh Preserving Products, partnered with FMC to launch the innovative canning education program, Discover You Can. Jarden sponsors FMC member markets, providing educational materials, samples, supplies, and coupons to markets interested in sharing the benefits of home canning with their community. Participants learned how to capture the flavor of their favorite fruits and vegetables for enjoyment all winter long, while purchasing fresh produce from local farmers at its peak.


For the third year, Farmers Market Coalition member markets across the country have participated in the Discover You Can Learn Make Share program, sponsored by Jarden Home Brands (the makers of Ball ®Brand Fresh Preserving Products). Each market offers canning education programs throughout the season, which has been a great way for markets to increase attendance, while helping farmers move more produce. The stipend and materials provided by Jarden Home Brands has provided the resources to run canning workshops and demonstrations, and many markets are taking it to the next level – hosting local chefs and celebrities, children’s programs and other creative canning-activities. Here are just some of the stories we’ve heard of this summer’s events:

  • The Greater Springfield Farmers Market (MO) wanted a creative backdrop for their canning workshops, so they turned to the Missouri Art Education Association’s Art Educator of the Year, Angie Myers. Under her direction, several Greenfield High School Art Club members designed and painted a mural for the market to have as a canning workshop backdrop. This 12’ mural depicts a home kitchen 100 years ago when the blue Ball® Perfect Mason Jar was introduced.
  • The Lancaster Market (NY) had a great pectin giveaway! Four cases of pectin were handed out, and customers were encouraged to report back about their home canning adventures. New canners reported back with their successes, and were very appreciative of free product. The gift of free pectin started many customers on strawberry preserves with fresh strawberries from the market! The market has been asked to give canning workshops for other organizations around town, including a new nearby farmers market opened by the Seneca Nation of Indians.
  • The Minnetrista Farmers Market (IN) set up a weekly ‘ask the expert’ canning booth at their market, as a result of continued interest following their hot-water bath and pressure cooking workshop in June. The booth is a great way to remind people about canning as an option and provide the opportunity for customers and vendors to share recipes and advice.

FMC Program Advisor, and former Executive Director, Stacy Miller, stated, “Discover You Can is the most innovative win-win program farmers markets have ever had the privilege of hosting. FMC members continue to express their gratitude and excitement for the program, and some continue to host canning events after the program dates, due to community demand.” Discover You Can has poised Jarden as the leading business ally of the growing farmers market sector, and the coalition looks forward to growing this creative partnership.