Legacy Binder Materials

Alex Canepa June 15, 2023

A legacy binder is a set of resources and materials created in the process of succession planning that can be passed to a replacement staff person or volunteer to facilitate a smoother transition.

SNAP: COVID-19 Waivers by State

Diana Broadaway May 12, 2020

On April 10, 2020, USDA issued a letter denying several types of waivers requested by state SNAP agencies that do not meet requirements for approval.  FNS is working to add those requests to the individual state pages listed in the link below.  

Online Farmers Marketplace

Alex Canepa May 7, 2020

Wildkale is an online farmers market where farmers can sell directly to local consumers within 300 miles around the farm. The farmers can earn full retail prices and reach 10-15 million households, including suburbia. The customers’ orders are conveniently delivered from the farm to their doorstep in less than 24 hours. Please contact us for…

Market Matchmaker from the Ontario Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network

Alex Canepa March 6, 2018

Sign Up for Free to join our growing community of Farmers’ Markets and Vendors in Ontario. Once you complete a profile, others will be able to see what you’re offering or looking for. Registering also gives you access to: Full View of other Members’ Profiles Better Searching, Filtering, and Matching Tools Instantly Exchange Messages with…

CSA Solutions Hub

Alex Canepa August 21, 2017

The Hub collects information from CSA farmers, Small Farm Central staff, and others working with CSAs to bring you knowledge to help you move your CSA program forward including: Resources to assist you in marketing your CSA, like “47 Tips and Tricks for CSA Farm Marketing”. Articles dealing with problem members Philosophical discussions about what…

Alabama Farmers Markets by County

Stephanie Fenty July 12, 2017

Interactive maps of Alabama farmers markets

Food From Farms

FMC November 21, 2016

Food From Farms provides guidance to Farmers Markets, primarily focusing the tracking and accounting for Farm Direct Alternative Currencies. They also provide resources for Farmers Markets and Coalitions who need a 501(c)(3) umbrella for their matching and other incentive programs. Food From Farms