Design for Outdoor Markets in U.S.

Alex Canepa November 21, 2023

Presentation for PA Farm Markets Lunch and Learn series given by Dar Wolnik

Creating a Culture of Data Collection and Use for Ohio Farmers Markets

Alex Canepa March 7, 2023

2022 Presentation at OEFFA Conference: The Ohio State University, Ohio Farmers Market Network, Farmers Market Coalition

Digital Marketing for Any Budget

Mykalee McGowan October 4, 2021

This presentation by Laura Ludka for Fair Food Network’s nutrition incentive program– Double Up Food Bucks– walks through how to maximize digital strategies even with a low or no budget.

EBT Technology: Not So Plain and Not So Simple

Mykalee McGowan October 1, 2021

There are many ways you can describe EBT Point of Sale technology. “Plain and simple” is hardly one of them. Join Farm Direct Technical Assistance team members as they demystify and share pros and cons on the technological choices for processing SNAP in a farm direct setting.

Q&A Session: SNAP Incentives in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs

Mykalee McGowan September 2, 2021

Are you looking to expand SNAP incentives to your CSA program? Check out this Q&A session and learn how the experts applied SNAP incentives in their CSA program making their food more accessible. The presenters shared their experiences and challenges faced when including SNAP incentives in their CSA program. In this Q&A session, they discussed…

Questions and Coffee LIVE with Richard McCarthy

Hannah Fuller March 4, 2021

Richard McCarthy of Think Like Pirates went  LIVE! On Feb 25th, we started our morning off with Questions and Coffee—a Facebook Live event. We talked with Richard about his recent paper with FMC: “The Origins of Incentives” and took live questions from viewers. Missed the fun? Enjoy the recording of the live conversation below. Stay…

Fundraising for Farmers Markets During Covid-19

Alex Canepa February 24, 2021

On overview of the challenges of fundraising during Covid-19, successful approaches, and lessons learned.

Oregon Farmers Market Association 2020 Census Results

Rachael February 19, 2021

Oregon Farmers Market Association recently released results from its 2020 census of farmers markets in a webinar titled “What Happened at Oregon Farmers Markets in 2020.” This presentation holds interesting stats about sales, attendance, and vendor level trends. It also dives into subjects like how Oregon farmers markets responded to COVID-19, widespread wildfires, and calls…

EBT Tech Bytes: Device Category Overview

Katie Myhre February 3, 2021

FMC presents Tech Bytes: quick sessions covering topics on technology, especially pertaining to EBT. Our first session provides a brief scan of the three categories of point-of-sale devices: wired, wireless, and mobile, as well as discusses the emergence of loyalty card systems that may eventually help markets replace token-based models. For a downloadable PDF with…

Oxford Community Market: Farmers Markets During Crisis

Diana Broadaway May 8, 2020

Ideas for Keeping Your Market Open & Safe   Sample Safety Plan Not Business As Usual: Process of Elimination Communication: Reassuring Your Customers Communication: Supporting Your Vendors Create Vendor Guidelines For Your Market Creating Visual Cues to Enforce Safety Guidelines Streamlining Your Market Space Create Hand Sanitizing Stations The 6 Feet Rule Barriers: Managing the…