Glossary of Farmers Market Terms

Hannah Fuller May 5, 2022

This glossary was developed by John Porter, Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator for Nebraska Extension for use by Oregon Farmers Markets Association and other farmers market organizations. This is a reference for farmers market managers, vendors, volunteers, board members and customers, but should not be considered a legal or academic document. Check out the recording of…

Ypsilanti Farmers Market Sponsorship

Mykalee McGowan October 5, 2021

An example of a short sponsorship information sheet for Growing Hope’s Ypsilanti Farmers Markets, and for the Ypsilanti Food Awards fundraiser for the markets, this shows how markets might pitch themselves and fundraising events to potential supporters.

“I Speak ____” Vendor Nametags

Mykalee McGowan October 4, 2021

These Vendor Nametags that say “I speak” with space to fill in the languages spoken come from the BC Farmers’ Market.

Virginia Cooperative Extension: COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage for Use at Farmers Markets

Diana Broadaway May 27, 2020

The purpose of this Extension publication is to provide interested Extension agents, farmers market staff and vendors with lighthearted and effective examples of social distancing signage for potential utilization at farmers markets in Virginia operating during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. An important key to implementing social distancing measures recommended by governmental officials is the utilization…

Utah Farmers Market Network: New FM Shopping Etiquette (English/Spanish)

Diana Broadaway May 22, 2020

  Spanish version    

“What is a Farmers Market?” Rack Card

Alex Canepa January 25, 2019

Rack card created by Farmers Market Coalition in collaboration with Virginia Community Food Connections that explains generally what a farmers market is to help make customers who are less familiar with the culture feel comfortable going to shop at one for the first time.

2018 FMC Annual Report

Alex Canepa January 13, 2019

Louisville Farmers Market Association 2018 Local Food Guide

Alex Canepa January 4, 2019

An annual guide released by the Louisville Farmers Market Association

Farmers Markets of Minneapolis Collaborative 2017 Report

Alex Canepa

2017 data and outcomes from the Farmers Markets of Minneapolis Collaborative.