Sample Job Description: Token Coordinator

Alex Canepa July 4, 2023

This job description for the Williamsburg FM in Virginia offers a sample for hiring.

Open Book Management Budget Template

Alex Canepa May 11, 2023

This Open Book Management Budgeting spreadsheet template was created by Mandy Moody of Chicago’s Green City Market for the Flagship Markets Community of Practice. Download it to gain a better understanding of how to use open book management and a head start on creating your own budget.

Press Release for Farmers Market Week

Mykalee McGowan October 5, 2021

This sample press release from Maricopa County in Arizona shows how a farmers market or market network can use data and evaluation to create media support and outreach opportunities. In this case, Maricopa county creates an event with a partner to showcase the work of refugee farmers while celebrating an exponential increase in the use…

Get Me To The Farmers Market

Mykalee McGowan

This pamphlet is an example of a partnership to support incentives use at farmers markets. It shows the best transportation routes from several Arizona WIC and SNAP offices to their nearest farmers markets.

Vendor Tracking Sheet Template

Mykalee McGowan

This printable sheet from Growing Hope’s Ypsilanti Farmers Markets is for vendors to record their daily sales by currency before turning in the tokens they’ve received to the market team, who also counts them.

Token Guidelines

Mykalee McGowan

This simple, at-a-glance chart from Growing Hope’s Ypsilanti Farmers Markets shows vendors what products can be bought with what tokens, coupons, or other currencies. Each vendor has a laminated copy for quick reference to have at their booth.

Sample Market Vitals Tracking Sheet

Mykalee McGowan October 4, 2021

Market Vitals: Key Data for Farmers Markets

Example COVID19 Market Signage

Mykalee McGowan

The Michigan Farmers Market Association has shared a set of simple, graphic posters in English, Spanish, and Arabic that show COVID-19 Safety guidelines. They are based on CDC guidelines could be used at other markets, though there may be additional local guidelines in your area, so consult your state and local authorities to verify that.

Confidentiality Agreement

Mykalee McGowan

In BUNDLE: Press and Media Forms & Templates

Farmers Market Evaluation Plan

Mykalee McGowan October 1, 2021

From Growing Hope, this Ypsilanti Farmers Market evaluation plan is an example of how to lay out all of the data collection and evaluation tools that you will use during a market season.