Data Collection Resources for Farmers Markets 2023

Diana Broadaway May 16, 2023

FMC’s quick guide to the most used resources for evaluation for markets in 2023

Farmer to Farmer eCommerce Platforms Report

Mykalee McGowan October 5, 2021

This guide to digital sales platforms for CSAs from the CSA Innovation Network lists and compares sales platforms by feature and offers a list of additional resources on ecommerce for CSAs.

IDEAL Engage Anti-Racism Complete Manager Toolkit

Mykalee McGowan

A Toolkit for managers of businesses, created by Stanford University, to help managers

Antiracist Farmers Markets – Making Progress Toward

Mykalee McGowan

This toolkit created for OFMA by Allinee “shiny” Flanary, ( ), director of markets for the Come Thru Market in Portland Oregon, offers action-oriented tools and framing for managers who wish to center antiracist practice in their farm direct work.

Food Assistance Handbook

Mykalee McGowan October 4, 2021

Growing Hope has managed multiple farmers markets in Michigan, and created this operations handbook as a tangible guide to roles, responsibilities, and steps needed to operate food assistance programs before, during, and after a market season. While specifics will vary with different markets, this can serve as an example of how to document the operationalizing…

Seven Social Media Tips for Farms and Markets

Mykalee McGowan

This quick, three-page overview from Georgia Fresh for Less/Wholesome Wave Georgia offers helpful tips for a successful social media presence for your farm direct site.

How to Grow Your Incentive Program: A Toolkit for Wholesome Wave’s National Nutrition Incentive Network

Mykalee McGowan

Aimed to help existing nutrition programs achieve greater success, this guide walks through goals, marketing, partnerships, fundraising, evaluation and innovation strategies. In addition to providing thorough information and many examples in a visually-appealing way, it suggests additional resources to dive even deeper.

Popular Phrases Translated into Arabic and Spanish

Mykalee McGowan October 1, 2021

Michigan Farmers Market Association created two-pages of helpful farmers market and SNAP-related phrases (some Michigan-specific) translated into Arabic and Spanish.

Identifying and Countering White Supremacy Culture in Food Systems

Alex Canepa August 25, 2021

This research centered on the question: How does white supremacy culture play out in the food insecurity and food access space in the United States? To become anti-racist, food system actors must understand how white supremacy culture narratives function to center whiteness across the food system, effectively reinforcing systemic racial inequality and by extension disadvantaging…