FMC Leadership Transitions

      Posted On: December 11, 2017

Bernadine Prince for has served on the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) Board of Directors for nearly 10 years, serving six of those years as President. FMC has flourished under her leadership, gratefully benefitting from her experience and expertise as a co-founder and director of DC’s incredible FRESHFARM Markets. Since retiring from FRESHFARM in the fall of 2015, Bernie has been transitioning to life as a full-time farmer in Delaware. She has decided to step down as FMC Board President, to focus on the demands of her exciting new role in the fields. While no longer President, Bernie will continue to serve as a Board member through early 2018, when her term expires. We’re immensely grateful for her dedication to FMC, and look forward to purchasing her fresh grown produce at Delaware-area farmers markets.

Copper Alvarez has graciously stepped up into the role of FMC Board President, effective until the new Board is elected in early 2018. Copper has been with the Big River Economic and Agricultural Development Alliance (BREADA) since 2002, serving as Executive Director since 2003. BREADA is a statewide non-profit organization building a healthy and strong local food system through a network of public markets. Learn more about Copper’s background and experience here. Replacing Copper in the role of Vice President is Hugo Mogollon, Executive Director of Community Foodworks in D.C. Hugo has 22 years of experience working for nonprofit organizations covering a range of issues from food systems to sustainability to biodiversity conservation. Learn more about his background and experience here.

Read a Farewell Letter from Former FMC Board President, Bernadine Prince.