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Program name/EBT Card Name: SNAP/MDHS EBT Card

Current contractor: Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc. (Conduent)

Purvie Green
Program Coordinator
Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
(601) 359-1168

Mississippi Ag Department

Mississippi Department of Agriculture


WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Contact: Purvie Green, Coordinator

Phone: (601) 359-1100

FAX: (601) 354-6290

Email: purvie@mdac.state.ms.gov

Mississippi News/Case Studies

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Standing Together Against Racism: Black Lives Matter

Stephanie Fenty June 3, 2020

Over the past week, the United States has been shaken by the deep inequities rooted within our justice system that have continued to destroy the lives of Black Americans like George Floyd. In the past, the Farmers Market Coalition has largely remained silent on matters of race and injustice. We will do so no longer.… Read More

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Champions for Health in the South

Darlene Wolnik February 5, 2018

According to a recent report, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Vermont rank as the healthiest states in the nation. The bottom three? Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. That’s not a surprise, says Jay Maddock, a professor of public health at Texas A&M University. In southern states, Americans are more likely to die prematurely from a wide variety of chronic conditions.… Read More

Farmers Market Metrics and Market Vendors

Darlene Wolnik November 28, 2017

By Dar Wolnik, FMC Senior Researcher | darlene@farmersmarketcoalition.org (A version of this article was published in Growing For Markets August 2017 issue by Dar Wolnik. To subscribe, go to GFM online) Since the 1970s, farmers markets have been started by various groups in order to serve many purposes. The timeline below is arranged by the major… Read More

Mississippi Resources

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2014 Local Food Awareness Report for Gulfport MS

FMC January 22, 2015

In cooperation with their educational partner Real Food Gulf Coast, the year-round open-air markets in Long Beach and in Ocean Springs are actively increasing local food accessibility and affordability in South Mississippi. Inspired by their success, the City of Gulfport opened a market in 2013 to accelerate access to regionally grown, healthful foods for their… Read More

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Mississippi Farmers Market Farmers Market Metrics-Prototype

FMC July 15, 2014

Prototype reports were crafted for the FMC Farmers Market Metrics Project with funding from the Knight Foundation. To create these reports, FMC Executive Director Jen O’Brien and researcher Darlene Wolnik worked with eight markets to upload 2013 data into social media badges and user-friendly infographics. The indicators chosen were based on external audiences’ requests for… Read More

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Oxford Community Market: Farmers Markets During Crisis

Diana Broadaway May 8, 2020

Ideas for Keeping Your Market Open & Safe   Sample Safety Plan Not Business As Usual: Process of Elimination Communication: Reassuring Your Customers Communication: Supporting Your Vendors Create Vendor Guidelines For Your Market Creating Visual Cues to Enforce Safety Guidelines Streamlining Your Market Space Create Hand Sanitizing Stations The 6 Feet Rule Barriers: Managing the… Read More