Guide for Startup Businesses

Alex Canepa September 28, 2022

Online Farm Markets

Alex Canepa March 18, 2022 provides point of sales, inventory management, preorder options, and much much more for farm market vendors, making life easier for the market, the vendors, and the customers.

Tracking visitor count in the market and managing people waiting to get in

Alex Canepa May 28, 2020

In this new world formed under the cloud of COVID-19 there are 3 additional challenges farmers markets need to deal with: 1) Ensuing only a certain number of people are in the market at any time 2) Managing the line of people/cars outside the market waiting to get in. 3) Trying to have a steady…

Health Insurance for Farmers markets

Alex Canepa March 26, 2018

Enrollment platform for Health, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Insurance – new government regs allow small companies to band together to purchase health insurance at lower prices.

Accounting Software for Farmers

Alex Canepa July 18, 2017

Accounting software for Agriculture and farming