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Online SNAP at Markets: On the Horizon, not out of reach

Katie Myhre February 24, 2021

Online SNAP: On the horizon, not out of reach.  In March 2020, the world went online. Restaurants, retailers, and farmers alike were suddenly asked to sell their products via pre-order, curbside pickup, “contactless” delivery, or any variation of the new household terms COVID-19 brought us. In the first three months of the U.S. outbreak alone,…

7 Common Mistakes Farmers Market Operators Make When Choosing EBT Devices 

Katie Myhre January 29, 2021

7 Common Mistakes Farmers Market Operators make when choosing EBT Devices  Farmers markets around the country have been moving towards accepting additional currencies like SNAP benefits in order to make farm-direct food accessible to all shoppers. However, the nature of farmers markets and federal nutrition benefit programs requires that market operators have special equipment –…

Technology and Farm Direct Channels: Solving Problems

Katie Myhre September 4, 2020

Of all the definitions for technology out there, the one I like the most is “knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.” In my experience fighting for a regional-based food network, the problems our food communities face have always been the focal point. At center of creating a strong local…