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Metrics 2020

Erica Anderson February 24, 2020

As it’s early in the new year (and decade!), I want to reflect on what lies ahead in terms of data collection and Metrics. FMC’s 2020 priorities and direction for Metrics stem from us learning that direct work with Metrics users early in the process gets a much greater return in user satisfaction than continuing…

Maine Event

Darlene Wolnik January 28, 2020

  by Darlene Wolnik, Training and Technical Assistance Director I just got back from a wonderful week in Maine for the Maine Federation of Farmers Market (MFFM) Convention held during the Maine Ag Trades Show. I was able to attend courtesy of Maine’s Director of Agricultural Resource Development at the Department of Agriculture Conservation and…

Training and Technical Assistance 2020

Darlene Wolnik January 14, 2020

In November of 2019, I accepted the brand-new position of Training and Technical Assistance Director at FMC, and in December, I began to build the T&TA team. With this evolution, FMC can offer sustained new training programs for market operators and more fully support existing training programs, seek and create additional desperately needed resources and…