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Ask the Senate to Provide Relief to Farmers Market Operators

Stephanie Fenty May 17, 2020

Last Tuesday, the House of Representatives introduced the latest and largest of its COVID-19 relief package, expected to pass the chamber later this week. The $3 trillion bill includes support for food and agriculture programs, but could have done more to address systemic problems in our food system. Notably, the bill includes $50 million in…

Farmers Markets Across Nation Face Potential Economic Crisis From COVID-19

Ben Feldman May 11, 2020

Across the country, farmers markets operators–the organizations and individuals who plan, coordinate, and run America’s farmers markets, are engaging in herculean efforts to protect their communities from COVID-19. But even as interest in local foods spikes nationwide, many  market operators face the double threat of increased costs to operate during a pandemic, in addition to…