Using Data to Attract Market Shoppers

By: Ellie Wong, Communications Intern       Posted On: August 18, 2022

Last week, we announced the winners of the 2022 National Farmers Market Poster Contest. Now, we’d like to delve a little deeper into how our staff judged the poster submissions, using the metrics category as a case study. All the posters in this category aimed to present data in an accessible manner in order to highlight the benefits of their market. By going through our thought process of why we loved a few standout submissions, we hope that any market operator will have the tools to boost market engagement through data.  

Posters were judged based on how clearly they highlighted one or more points of data collected by the market. Posters are a fantastic example of how market evaluation can inform communications and how market organizations can use data to tell their market’s story. Healthy By Design Gardeners’ Market took home our Metrics Prize this year because their use of customer service data allows shoppers to see how helpful this market would be to their own shopping choices. Breaking down the sales by type also appeals to neighboring businesses and to anyone seeking to become a vendor.

Honorary Mentions

In addition to the winning poster in this category, there were some other fantastic posters that stood out for their great use of metrics and data. 

Canton Farmers Market — Canton, MA

Although this poster packs in a lot of information, the use of different background colors helps it be readable. We also love the use of graphics with each data area and the addition of the Google rating. This poster will appeal to many different types of shoppers when they are seeking information.

Kittery Community Market — Kittery, ME

We really appreciated how the types of product offered by the market are clearly listed, as it was a great way to use data in a readable and accessible manner. 

Larimer County Farmers Market — Fort Collins, CO

This poster is bright and easy to read. The data across the bottom — the days of the week and the number of vendors, customers, and volunteers — is well-chosen and easy-to-read. These statistics demonstrate the bustle of market day and the sizable community involved in this market. 

Main Street Saturday Market — Murfreesboro, TN

This is a classic design that does a good job of conveying a sense of place, and it has data that is likely to be very appealing to those seeing the poster.

Minnetrista Farmers Market — Minnetrista, IN

This poster was well-designed and contained a good number of metrics, although more detail about the market day, time, and location could have made it a stronger submission. 

Learn more about the entry requirements, prizes, and judgment criteria of the National Farmers Market Poster Contest, and find all of this year’s entries on FMC’s Facebook page

Thank you, Farm Aid, for helping us showcase America’s farmers markets! Farm Aid partnered with FMC to sponsor the 2022 contest, and they have raised more than $64 million to help farmers thrive, expand the reach of the Good Food Movement, take action to change the dominant system of industrial agriculture and promote food from family farms. Together, we’re thrilled to celebrate our nation’s local farmers and farmers markets. In addition to cash prizes, this year’s winning posters will be also displayed at the HOMEGROWN Village at Farm Aid 2022!