State Funding through the Legislature for Farm Direct Nutrition Incentives

Alex Canepa January 7, 2022

The Farmers Market Coalition is proud to present our third practitioner paper. Written by Molly Notarianni of Oregon’s Farmers Market Fund and Elizabeth Borst of Virginia Fresh Match, this paper addresses the topic of state funding through the legislature for nutrition incentives. Acknowledging that GusNIP funding has provided a pathway for projects to grow, the…

Data Collection Comfort Among Farmers Market Operators

Alex Canepa April 30, 2021

Analysis of the level of comfort among farmers market operators for data collection

Beyond SNAP: Incentives for WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Alex Canepa April 14, 2021

Farmers Market Coalition is pleased to offer its second practitioner paper published through the Nutrition Incentive Hub, “Beyond SNAP: Incentives for Voucher and Coupon Programs,” by Erin Molnar and Amanda Osborne . Though SNAP incentives support the needs of many, hunger persists just outside the income threshold for eligibility. As a response, Countryside Food and…

Farmers markets as a strategy for improving food environments pp 54-60

Alex Canepa February 25, 2021

When designed effectively, supported by knowledge and an understanding of the food-environment concept, government policy and fiscal measures can positively influence what food is available to consumers and lead to healthier dietary choices. The food-environment concept, for example, has been crucial to understanding and tackling food insecurity and food apartheid, as described in this chapter.

The Origins of Incentives: Incentivizing Behavior Change through the Farmers Market Model

Alex Canepa January 29, 2021

The Farmers Market Coalition is proud to offer our first practitioner paper, “The Origins of Incentives,” by Richard McCarthy. Through the lens of Market Umbrella, the New Orleans farmers market network, McCarthy lays out a history of incentive programs in farm direct. This paper outlines the ways in which the rise in EBT technology was…

Farmers Market Food Safety Resource Guide

Alex Canepa November 18, 2020

This guide provides in-depth education on food safety concepts from farm to market, and includes practical tips and checklists to ensure you’re following standards.

Report: Toward Market Cities: Lessons on Supporting Public Market Systems from Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Toronto

Hannah Fuller November 10, 2020

Public markets systems in North America are both agile and fragile. When the coronavirus pandemic caused widespread stay-at-home orders and business closures, many markets across the continent stayed open, continuing to safely provide fresh and healthy food to residents as supply chains were strained and serve as an economic lifeline to farmers and other producers.…

Iteration, innovation, and collaboration: Supporting farmers markets’ response to COVID-19

Diana Broadaway November 9, 2020

Commentary on COVID-19 and the Food System authored by the Farmers Market Coalition for the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development  

Young Farmers Racial Equity Toolkit

Alex Canepa June 24, 2020

This toolkit is a starting point. It aims to orient and incite members toward preliminary consciousness-raising and direct action. This toolkit does not detail a universally applicable pathway toward resolving pervasive racialized oppression; it is an initial resource for people who are overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of the problem, and need help determining…

Family Farms and Farmers Markets Are Essential

Diana Broadaway May 21, 2020

Farmers Market Coalition urges federal, state, and local leaders to protect our nation’s food producers and farmers markets through federal stimulus and clear operational guidelines Washington, D.C., March 18, 2020 – Congress is close to passing its second multi-billion dollar stimulus package and is hard at work on a third – this one focused on…