2023 Report on EBT Technology at Farmers Markets

Alex Canepa October 12, 2023

Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), the national farmers market association, is proud to share its latest brief detailing findings gleaned from a study of EBT technology used among farmers markets across the United States. FMC’s 2023 Report on EBT Technology at Farmers Markets is a snapshot of the costs and challenges involved in offering EBT technology…

Costs to Administer Food Assistance

Mykalee McGowan October 4, 2021

This first part of this case study conducted by Growing Hope among four markets it managed examined the true costs of running food assistance programs, and can inform budgeting, fundraising, and advocacy that other markets may do to support the essential administrative costs of running nutrition incentive and other food assistance programs. Later sections explore…

Project for Public Spaces Case for Healthy Places Report

Mykalee McGowan

This report from Project for Public Spaces highlights positive impacts of public spaces, and includes case studies around the US (including some farmers markets). It may be helpful in thinking about marketing messages and how to make the case for your farmers market.

2020 Farmers Market Summary

Diana Broadaway April 16, 2021

In 2020, FMC piloted an annual report to highlight farmers market adaptations and trends in the era of COVID-19. These types of reports can be used to demonstrate a market’s flexibility and highlight its successes stemming from market innovations or other changes implemented by an organization in response to COVID to funders and other stakeholders.…

Oregon Farmers Market Association 2020 Census Results

Rachael February 19, 2021

Oregon Farmers Market Association recently released results from its 2020 census of farmers markets in a webinar titled “What Happened at Oregon Farmers Markets in 2020.” This presentation holds interesting stats about sales, attendance, and vendor level trends. It also dives into subjects like how Oregon farmers markets responded to COVID-19, widespread wildfires, and calls…

MSU Center for Regional Food Systems – The Local Food Movement: Setting the Stage for Good Food

Diana Broadaway June 9, 2020

The local food movement in the United States has evolved over the past 25 years, including a more recent convergence with movements supporting food access and health, food justice, environment, food sovereignty, and racial equity. Many people who are active in these movements have come to understand local food through its connection and use of…

Center for Social Inclusion: Building the Case for Racial Equity in the Food System

Diana Broadaway

The food system works for some, but fails too many of us. Yet, we already have a glimpse of the possibility of a just and healthy food system. To get there, we must use a critical race lens to diagnose what is wrong with our current system, assess entry points for change, and determine ways…

Designing an effective, scalable data collection tool to measure farmers market impacts

Alex Canepa

The need for an updated framework for all types of farmers markets and the varied levels of capacity to share the impacts of their work led to the develop- ment of the Farmers Market Metrics (Metrics) program at the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), a nonprofit working to strengthen farmers markets across the country. This essay…

Sowing the Seeds of Food Justice

Diana Broadaway June 3, 2020

A Guide for Farmers Who Want to Supply Low-Income Communities While Maintaining Financial Sustainability Writing by Myles Lennon Research by Breanna Regan and Leah Penniman Technical Assistance by Dennis Derryck Proofreading by Neshima Vitale-Penniman Coordination by Soul Fire Farm, Grafton, NY  

Review of Analysis of Farmers Market Operation and Impacts for the City of Pittsburgh

Alex Canepa February 16, 2020

Available literature on farmers markets in and around the City of Pittsburgh and reports on regional food and farming efforts were reviewed for this paper, focusing on studies of farmers markets in the City of Pittsburgh or production analysis across the region. Relevant research on farmers markets and market networks from across the U.S. was…