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Creating a Zero Waste Station in a Farmers Market


Information on how to begin creating a zero waste station at a farmers market. This information was researched and compiled by Girl Scout Ella Dundas as part of her Gold Award project to create a zero waste station at her local farmers market.

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Sample Market Vitals Tracking Sheet


Market Vitals: Key Data for Farmers Markets

Published October 04, 2021 Template

Farmers Markets and Health


As a way to show the impact of their Ypsilanti Farmers Markets on health, Growing Hope created this brief marketing piece as a way to show health care organizations the relevancy of their potential sponsorships, as well as how their peers were involved in markets.

Published October 04, 2021 Impact Report or Graphic

Georgia Fresh For Less FAQs


A one-page FAQ from Wholesome Wave Georgia geared at potential nutrition incentive customers and vendors, this straightforward piece could be a model for other markets, regions, or states to clearly communicate their programs to the public.

Published October 01, 2021 Other

Resources for Farmers Affected by the Midwest Floods


Record rainfall, flooding and wind damage are punishing farmers across the Midwest, with fields and livestock under standing water. For some family farmers and ranchers already teetering on the edge from low prices and an ongoing trade war, this latest disaster is the last thing they need.

If you’ve been impacted by this recent disaster, there are a number of national and state assistance programs that can provide support. Please look through the list of resources, expertly curated by the National Farmers Union, whose Farm Crisis Center is a good starting point.

Please also take a look at our Resource Guide for Disaster Assistance (also available as a printable PDF), which covers everything from who to contact, to what to document if you’ve been impacted by a disaster.

Published April 03, 2019 Other

Realistic Ways You Can Combat Climate Change, Today


This tool, created by the MPH@GW program, makes it easy to understand, and teach others about, individual-level impact on climate change. The guide provides effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint by filtering how much time, money, and effort a person chooses to invest.

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What Our Region Grows


A report analyzing what the mid-atlantic region grows, including the economic impact of the local farms and markets.

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Whiteness And Farmers Markets


This article is an exploration of whiteness in the farmers market movement and a suggestion of ways to shift towards a more anti-racist politics of food at farmers markets.

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Colorado Winter Markets, 2017-2018


Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean Coloradoans can’t find farm-fresh meat and veggies at their local farmers market. Colorado is home to 35 winter markets and festivals. Find them here.

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Nevada Grown: A Year in Local Food 


Nevada Grown: A Year in Local Food brings together 150 recipes from farmers, ranchers, professional chefs, and home chefs. Featuring produce as diverse as kohlrabi, sorrel, and kale, each vibrant and fresh recipe highlights food grown in Nevada.

Published October 02, 2017 Publication